Alternative Bow Woods Price List

Shipping is via UPS Ground or by US Mail and will be added to the prices below. Please e-mail me if you have any questions about shipping costs.


Yew$ 80.00
Red Cedar$ 40.00
Osage Orange$ 45.00
Mulberry$ 45.00
Iron Wood$ 40.00
Many othersPOR


Hickory or Maple$ 40.00
Red Cedar$ 50.00
Osage Orange$ 60.00
Mulberry$ 60.00
Iron Wood$ 50.00
Black Cherry$ 50.00
Yew$ 150.00
Many othersPOR

Backing Laminations

Hickory$ 12.00
Maple$ 12.00
Bamboo$ 12.00
Rawhide Leather$ 20.00
Buffalo Sinew$ 5.00
Backing laminations are cut in 2 sizes, 3/16" x 2" x 72" and 3/16" x 2" x 36" (sent as a pair). Shipping less than three (3) full length wood laminations is difficult. Bamboo can be ordered in 1 1/2" or 2" widths and is suitable for use in backing bows, as a belly core and handle or for building an all-bamboo bow. Rawhide backing comes in a set of 2 pieces, 1 3/4" wide, suitable for backing 1 bow perfectly. It takes about 6 pieces of buffalo sinew to back 1 bow.

Exotic Core Woods

Purple Heart$ 25.00
Green Heart$ 25.00
Pau Amarillo (yellow)$ 25.00
Wenge (black)$ 25.00

Boards and Cut Stock

Hickory $ 25.00
Maple$ 25.00
Osage Orange$ 40.00
Mulberry$ 40.00
The prices above are for belly cores of at least one bow's width and thickness. Core lengths are cut to order. Generally a pair of 38" matched cores will make a bow or a core of 60" to 70" is used. If you need specific dimensions, please let me know. If you need a handle or wish to buy a decrowned self-stave, please advise.
The imported exotic core woods offer excellent performance when backed with hickory for safety and offer a colorful departure from our more familiar native woods. The grain is very straight on the stock I select and textures vary from dense to super dense. This translates to speed, workability, availability, durability and beauty. If you need exotics for handles and nocks let me know. The list of available species is expanding rapidly so call or write for new additions.

Other Assorted Products

River Cane

(for arrow shafts)
$ 15.00/doz

River Cane is a small bamboo which grows in the southern and eastern sections of our country. The local tribes used it for arrow shafting because of its availability, strength and ease with which it can be straightened. Once straightened and dried it is very stable. It can be used with a self nock or you can insert a hardwood plug on either end, creating solid nock and a barreled, footed or weight forward effect. This natural material makes a very durable arrow.

Raw Wood Arrow Shafts

$ 15.00/doz

Premium matched shafts, matched in spine to 5 pounds, matched in weight to 10 grains. Available in Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Oregon Douglas Fir (slightly heavier than cedar and very durable) and Maple (very durable). All arrow shafts are parallel.

How-To Videos and Books

Building Bows from Wood$ 29.95
Bows from the White Woods$ 29.95
Heartwood Bows from Osage, Mulberry and Locust$ 29.95
Building All-Wood Composite Bows$ 29.95
Building Bows From BoardsComing Soon
Building Composite Bows From Eastern Red Cedar and YewComing Soon
Backing Bows with Sinew and RawhideComing Soon
Making River Cane Arrows and Stone PointsComing Soon
The Bent Stick by Paul Comstock$ 12.00
The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume 1$ 24.95
The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume 2$ 27.95
The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume 3$ 29.95
Whitetail Tactics with Recurves & Longbows by Jim Hamm$ 19.95
Hunting the Osage Bow by Dean Torges$ 19.95

Other Assorted Items

Farrier's Rasps (slightly used)$ 12.00

Please include $3.00 (check/money order) for shipping/handling of videos/books via Priority Mail.

The Bent Stick is a great companion book to order with your first video. If you read this book most of your initial questions about wood bows will be answered.

Suggestions for future video projects and articles are enthusiastically welcomed.

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